Hello Paul

I purchased a pair of orthotics at the wellness fair in Vancouver BC this past February.  Thank goodness you believe in your product, which is the only reason I took a chance buying them.   I persisted and wore them through the break in period.  You were right about feeling like walking on a roll of nickels for the first little while – it was so sooo uncomfortable.  But about the 7th day, it became less noticeable, then into the 2nd week I started feeling a bit of pain relief.

Now this time frame was all combined with my starting of shock-wave radial therapy sessions on my right foot, persisting pain for almost 2 years (my pain scale of 1-10, was at 9.5).  Currently has dropped down to 4, as there is a little inflammation still there.

But the best confirmation that the new orthotics are working is my left foot (was 4 on pain scale) and did not receive radial shock-wave, the pain has diminished downt to 0.5 on a bad day.  My physiotherapist attributes the success to everything combined, including all the stretching.  I attribute 90% success to the orthotics.  Thank you for promoting this product!

Sherry, Vancouver BC

Hi there:

I just wanted to inform you that I just purchased a pair of your “wide” orthotic insoles at our local  winter “home show”.

I have been plagued with foot/ankle and achilles heel problems for over three years and have gone to see 4 different physiotherapists, an acupuncturist and Orthopedic surgeon.  I have been in leg casts, on crutches and have been in constant pain the entire time.  The acupuncturist was able to help with the pain…but didn;t solve the problem.

To make a long story short…The instant I tried them at the home show…I was relieved of my knee pain….. after three days of wearing your insoles…I no longer have any heel pain.   The explanation the representative gave me of how your product differs/works from custom orthotics, made complete sense to me. I have been wearing orthotics for over three years with limited success.  If this is the result of only 3 days wear…I can;t wait to see what I can do in a months time…..maybe I will be able to go back to the gym and take off the 50 pounds I put on while being laid up.  If you can’t move without pain…excercise is almost impossible.  A 20 minute gentle walk left me with numb toes and so sore, it would take days to recover before I could even stand on my feet.  I will try and not rush things, because I know it will take my muscles /tendons and joints time to adjust…and I dont; want to reinjure anything.  I can;t thank you enough for providing this product and can;t wait to revisit your booth at next years show, to rechart my feet to see how much they have improved.

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to be painfree….and that I will 100% endorse your product!!

One happy customer

Yasemin Dunn, PEI

Hey Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know my wife is now using them and her feet are happy, which is a rarity in itself and I have to admit, I’m somewhat surprised. She has frequent flier miles with her orthotic lady who is constantly adjusting and can never quite seem to get it right – to be honest, I didn’t think something that was customized was very likely to work on her, but I wanted to try after your endorsement.

And whadya know, her feet are happier now than they have been for a long time. And for someone with such problematic feet, this is a real blessing. We will see how things work out in the long term, but our initial feedback is very positive indeed.

All the best for the holidays.

STEVE, Vancouver, BC

I am the owner of a pair of Soft-Step Orthotics. I have worn these insoles daily in my work boots for more then ten years. My Doctor kept on giving me pain killers for the discomfort. I was scheduled for a cortisone shot when I happened to find a fellow selling these insoles. I took a chance and purchased them. Within a few days my pain was gone. This has been my best investment in my health that I have ever done
P.S. I wear out about two pairs of work boots a year. These have outlasted about twenty pairs

Clint Clifford, Erin, ON