Q?What other orthotics do you offer?

The Soft Step is our most corrective orthotic. Over 95% of our clientele is fitted with these. The Thin Step orthotic is a little less corrective, designed for special circumstances, like an inflexible foot due to age or injury. The Thin Step is a great alternative for tighter fitting shoes. If you already have a pair of Soft Steps, you may consider purchasing a pair of complementary Thin Steps for this type of footwear.

Q?All feet are different. How can one shape be correct ?

Feet do come in all shapes and sizes. The bones are essentially the same shape, but the feet become misaligned because the muscles, ligaments and tendons have pulled the bones out of shape. The Soft Step Foot Correctors shape was perfected through over 15 years of research, analysis and experimentation and has proven to be successful over decades of extensive use.

Q?Do they work?

TFC has been helping people with foot problems for over 12 years. Our products are sold globally by many medical professionals.
( Chiropractors, physiotherapists, orthopedic and sport medicine doctors.) Yes, they absolutely work!!

Q?Can you run in these?

Yes. Make sure you get used to them properly prior to running with them. Your feet will tell you when they are ready. Start off slowly and gradually increase running time with them. Remove any existing insoles that already have a support in them. Replace this insole with a flat thin insole and put the orthotic on top. If the insole is pliable and takes the shape of the orthotic…you can put the insoles on top of the orthotics for extra cushioning.

Q?Do they work for diabetics?

The materials are hypoallergenic. They do not absorb bacteria or heat. Wash regularly to avoid. The rebound characteristics of the orthotics help increase circulation and help reduce the likelihood of pressure ulcers.

Q?Can you wash them?

Our base orthotics can be washed with mild soap, such as hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Allow to dry.

Q?How long does it take to get used to them?

This depends on a few things: the severity of the tightness of the connective tissue of the foot ( typically flat feet take longer to adjust); (massage the underside of the foot to help relax the muscles and stretch the connective tissues)
Some people are able to wear them full-time in as little as a week while others may take up to 3-4 weeks. Everyone’s foot is different. Each customer is given specific instruction on how to wear them and for how long. Customers who try wearing them too often too soon may develop some bruising of muscles. This will subside once the wearer follows the wearing instructions provided to them at the time of purchase.

Q?What are these products?

The Foot Correctors are “Orthotics”. They are designed to reposition the bone structure of the foot and help align the body, helping to alleviate misalignments with the knees, hips and back