Our History

Over the past 12 years, The Foot Correctors as expanded to service and provide quality orthotics to vast network of medical professionals.  With the help of key territorial distributors, our fellow practitioners span from the East to West coast.

The Director of The Foot Correctors, Paul Chenard had a vision.

His desire to help others became more and more apparent during his studies at the University of Windsor.   A Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree with Honors in Movement Science.   Fueled with knowledge and aspiration, Paul Chenard decided to move from his hometown of Windsor, Ontario to beautiful British Columbia.  His education and technical skills landed him a Sales Manager position with a successful healthcare company, The Back Stop.   With guidance and direction he developed and distributed a variety of medical products for the relief and prevention of back pain.

He continued to build on the reputation and experience of this company and created Matrix Healthcare, a division of the Back Stop designed to service the Chiropractic, Massage, and Physiotherapy industry.

A New Direction

It became clear that the best way to help others was to provide his customers with the best possible foundation.  To fix the feet.  You can sell someone the best back brace, the best pillow or recommend them to the best medical professionals, but if you do not have healthy feet, you never really have a chance.  Your foundation is everything and it was time to get to the root of most people’s problems.

The focus switched from alleviating symptoms with a wide range of products to focusing on one thing, corrective orthotics.

With a biomechanical approach it became clear that the majority of orthotics on the market did not support the foot entirely, nor did they allow the foot to function or move the way it was meant to.

The ‘flex’ technology allows us to achieve the perfect balance.  Allow the foot to move in a properly supported position inside the shoe and the foot will eventually hold this correct position.




Be Our Patient

If you have foot issues or you think that your feet may be the problem, give us a try.  Many of you have tried orthotics in the past, with little to no success, have spent hundreds of dollars and have become frustrated.  Our system is unique and we assure you, you will be trying something different, a better approach to foot correction.